Our Mission and Vision

He has stridden towards the development of Sirsa and aims to do the same being a member of BJP.

Social Security

Each native of Sirsa will get guaranteed protection and a social security system that will provide health, disability, unemployment &
other benefits.

Focus on Health

Reputed hospitals will be built & Sirsa natives in every nook and corner will be able to avail the benefits of the scheme introduced by the Government.

Women Rights

Men & Women will be given equal rights. All citizens will be educated on their rights and skill development will be promoted for women and vulnerable groups.

Infrastructure Development

For the future growth of Sirsa, adequate infrastructure like roads, dams, electricity & other things and their efficient working will
be provided.

Water Supply

Every basic necessity like water, electricity, and sanitation, which were a distant dream for the people of Sirsa will not be
a dream anymore.

Focus on Education

High-Quality Education for every young person in the Sirsa district, especially those from low-income backgrounds to make them become a responsible citizen.